21 Tasty Examples of The Best Restaurant Websites

21 Tasty Examples Of The Best Restaurant Websites

You may or may not know that Webdiner started designing restaurant websites in 2011 because of a bus advertisement. A bus was driving on Las Olas Boulevard in Ft Lauderdale, FL. The bus advertised a popular local restaurant & bar. When one of the co-founders of Webdiner browsed that restaurant’s website design, he discovered it was not mobile optimized. Matter of fact, it didn’t even work on his latest iPhone, in 2011!  Luckily, Webdiner has a solution to this marketplace challenge. Restaurants and Bars have a high-powered marketing platform to help increase sales and boost their brand’s popularity with Webdiner.

Check out designs of the best restaurant websites on the Internet. Design matters and so does functionality, technology, search engine optimization, copywriting, graphic design, and call-to-actions. Webdiner continues to master the art and science of motivating restaurant customers to take action from your website design. Check out 21 tasty examples of the best restaurant websites.

  1. Hand Cut — Scottsdale, AZ

    Hand Cut Restaurant

  2. Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row – Arizona & Tennessee

    Restaurant Website Design Example for Dierks Bentley

  3. Club 19 – Pembroke Lakes, FL

    Florida Restaurant Website Design Example

  4. Rhythm & Vine — Fort Lauderdale, FL

    Bar Website Design Example

  5. The Whole Enchilada — Multiple Florida Locations

    Fort Lauderdale Orlando, FL Restaurant Website Design Example

  6. Holsteins – Las Vegas, NV

    Las Vegas Restaurant Website Design Example

  7. Crystal Lake Rib House – Crystal Lake, IL

    BBQ Restaurant Website Design Example

  8. Farm & Craft – Multiple Locations in Arizona

    Farm & Craft Restaurant Website Design

  9. Jubliee Restaurant – Pocono Pines, PA

    Pennsylvania Restaurant Website Design

  10. CLICKS — Multiple Locations, U.S.A.

    Billiards Bar Website Design Example

  11. BRGR STOP, Multiple Locations, Florida

    Ft Lauderdale Restaurant Website Design

  12. Big Bear Brewing Company — Coral Springs, FL

    Brewery Website Design Example

  13. Captains Anchorage — Big Bear Lake, CA

    Big Bear Lake California Restaurant Website Design Example

  14. J.E.Y. Hospitality Group — Multiple Locations, Florida

    Miami Restaurant Website Design Examples

  15. Blue Fish Sushi Thai — Fort Lauderdale, FL

    Sushi Restaurant Website Design Example


    Chicago Restaurant Website Design Example

  17. Bandito — Las Vegas, NV

    Las Vegas Bar & Restaurant Web Design Example

  18. ROK:BRGR — Ft Lauderdale, FL

    Burger Restaurant Website Design Example

  19. Savanna Blue — Detroit, MIDetroit Restaurant Website Design

  20. PO BOY JIM — Washington, D.C.

    Washington D.C. Restaurant Website Design Example

  21. Pirates Den — Brigantine, NJ

    New Jersey Restaurant Website Design Example

Well, that covers this edition of Best Examples of Restaurant Website Designs. Webdiner custom designed every single one of the above restaurant websites. Contact us today to start increasing the profit of your restaurant or bar!

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