Restaurant Owners are Fighting Back Against Third-Party Delivery Platforms

Man Wearing a Face Mask Receiving a Pizza Delivery from a Third-Party Delivery Platform

A rapidly changing set of circumstances forced Restaurants to adapt if they wanted to survive. And they resorted to Third-Party Delivery Platforms. As the dust settles and Restaurants look for long term changes – that are sustainable! -, we will tackle, in this article, one of the most important changes that took place and how […]

5 Big Advantages of Your Own Online Ordering System for Restaurants

5 Big Advantages Website Blog Post

Now, more than ever, having an online presence is an absolute must for all restaurants. Restaurants are looking for alternatives to their usual structure and functioning. It is necessary to survive the economic climate brought by the coronavirus pandemic. Most have turned to Online Ordering and a steady digital presence to make for the lack […]

Nocciola’s New Restaurant Website Has Relaxed Rustic Vibe

Nocciola Restaurant Website

We’re stoked to announce the launch of Nocciola’s new website!

Small Plates with Big Italian Flavor in East Harlem! Nocciola is a new Italian restaurant in East Harlem, NY that specializes in small plates and classic Italian dishes with modern flair. The restaurant has a rustic, homey feeling with a contemporary edge, so we designed their site to match.