3 Restaurant Marketing Strategies for the New Economy

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Here is all you need to know to develop restaurant marketing strategies for the new economy. Someone once said: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.” Quotes are a tricky thing, with this one attributed to John Wanamaker. Seemingly, without any hard proof. The attribution […]

6 Ways to Thrive as a Restaurant Post-Pandemic

6 Ways to Thrive as a Restaurant Post-Pandemic

How to thrive as a restaurant post-pandemic: a how-to directed at Restaurant Owners. For most of us, it is still far from business as ‘usual.’ Life as we know it has experienced sudden and unfathomed changes following the unprecedented pandemic and the ensuing disruption. Even so, business owners are looking to get things moving as […]

Restaurant Owners are Fighting Back Against Third-Party Delivery Platforms

Man Wearing a Face Mask Receiving a Pizza Delivery from a Third-Party Delivery Platform

A rapidly changing set of circumstances forced Restaurants to adapt if they wanted to survive. And they resorted to Third-Party Delivery Platforms. As the dust settles and Restaurants look for long term changes – that are sustainable! -, we will tackle, in this article, one of the most important changes that took place and how […]

5 4th of July Restaurant Promotion ideas for 2020

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The 4th of July is known as one of the slowest holidays for restaurants. Patrons usually favor barbecue parties over in-dining. This year, with all the limitations still in place in most states, the trend is likely to continue. In this article, we’ll give you 5 restaurant promotions ideas to get more business on this […]

Social Media Posting and the New Normal

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Originally, we started this article with some thoughts on how often our normal everyday lives were disrupted this year. And how this year feels so particularly unpredictable.   We rewrote that because it is now difficult to talk about the disruption of normal everyday life. In the last month or so, a lot of people’s […]

5 Father’s Day Restaurant Promotion Ideas

Fighting for Father’s Day bookings was always hard. Everyone wants to find a way to treat dad to a nice surprise while still getting the best deals. And the competition is fierce. This has meant that restaurants have resorted to special deals to get people in through the door. This year, though, the goal might […]

Black Lives Matter and the Restaurant Industry

Protests in Baltimore, Maryland.

Editing Note: Right after starting our new series “…in the Age of Social Distancing”, we saw the world change once again. This first lead us to take a week off. We felt that any topic at the time would seem disingenuous. That week off was then prolonged with respect to the Black Lives Matter movement […]

Fun Dining …In the Age of Social Distancing – 5 Ideas to Keep it Fun and Safe!

Blow-up dolls at Open Hearth by WSAT-TV

Think of blow-up dolls, pool noodles, empty fields, hockey sticks, and greenhouses. A Michelin-starred restaurant may not be the first thing you’d associate with this group of things, but there is an overlap. Join us in this first installment of “…In the Age of Social Distancing” to find out what that overlap is and what […]