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We offer professional digital signage solutions that cover a broader scope of services and present multiple groundbreaking opportunities for all kinds of restaurant businesses. Our service solutions go beyond providing passive information, brand/business advertisements, etc., to providing more sophisticated systems capable of interacting, connecting, and pulling relevant information from diverse sources, independently and in realtime. 

At Webdiner, we provide restaurants with top-class digital signage solutions that positively impact their business growth on a day-to-day basis. Webdiner offers a full range of digital signage services for all purposes, including wayfinding, gate info services, advertisements, ordering systems, digital signage, and more. 

What is Digital Signage?

Here at Webdiner, we are a part of a much broader industrial ecosystem known as Digital Signage. Electronic and digital signage technologies mainly refer to display technologies like LCD monitors, LED or Video walls, projection, and other vivid display technologies for videos, webpages, directions, digital images, marketing messages, etc. 

These technologies use machinery such as LCD, LED, and Projection to display business-driven content such as streaming media, digital images, video, and other kinds of information to increase visibility, customer engagement, and interaction, direction or wayfinding, to trigger impulse sales, and to drive business growth overall. Digital signages are common features in business and public spaces such as hotels, retail stores, corporate buildings, transport stations, and restaurants. 

We incorporate a unique business model that leverages innovative cloud software and technologies to provide restaurant businesses with cutting-edge digital signage solutions. Furthermore, as part of our customer-targeted service solutions, we offer unlimited online technical support and entertain fresh ideas and improvement suggestions from our respective partners and customers. 

Professional Digital Signage for Your Restaurant Business.

Incorporating professional digital signage solutions for your restaurant business can drive business growth tremendously. They serve as silent, efficient marketing agents, constantly interacting and communicating important brand messages to existent and potential customers and partners. 

Our professional exterior digital signage solutions will draw customer and partner attention to your restaurant business while making it stand out from the crowd. We also offer top-quality interior digital signage solutions for various needs, including: 

  • Wayfinding: Helps customers find their way around your restaurant, from Entry at the parking lot to placing an order at the counter or on-seat, all the way to Exit after their treat.  
  • Ordering Systems: Guides customers through your delectable cuisines. 
  • Branding: Creates indelible brand impressions. 
  • Drive Sales: Trigger impulse sales effortlessly, especially on special occasions. 

Webdiner’s superiorquality digital signage services will not only provide an immediate solution but will also help to increase your restaurant business’ long-term brand strategy. Our digital signage solutions will continue to make a tremendous impact and tell your brand story several years after their installation, ensuring long-term business growth. 

Our services are ideal for achieving the following: 

  • Long-term business growth.
  • Maximizing the full potentials of your restaurant’s long-term branding investments. 
  • Incorporating a solid marketing campaign for your restaurant business, especially if you’re looking to dominate specific geographic spaces for extended periods. 

Why Your Restaurant Business Needs Digital Signage?

Through professional digital signage solutions, you can explore innovative ways to integrate various digital technologies to communicate, entertain, inform, educate, and better interact with your customers. 

This will help you retain existing customers while also gaining rapid conversions through the various business-to-customer interactions and intelligent digital communication opportunities that digital signage technologies provide. Digital signage offers a quick-fire, effective means to inform customers about new recipes, promotions, order info, sales, and other relevant information. 

Digital Signage Burger on Screen


We offer vast arrays of digital signage solutions to different restaurant businesses, both startups, medium, and large-scale 5-star enterprises. Our services include:

Digital Menus

Our digital signage service makes it so easy to showcase your delectable cuisine and eye-catching food images. Also, creating a digital signage menu is super easy; as a result, you can edit, or add new screens at any time. You also have the liberty to add multiple numbers of screens and shuffle between them using a simple, quick setup. You can also add custom integrations to display breakfast, lunch, and dinner specials seamlessly while leveraging our secure content management. By integrating our professional digital menu, you can:

  • Connect with your audience in a timelier manner
  • Keep your customers informed about what’s on the menu at all times
  • Advertise new menu items
  • Schedule specific ads at preset times (day or night) 


Our digital signage solutions are highly-effective for advertisement purposes. For one, these technologies can easily serve as your restaurant’s virtual aisle of products. You can integrate digital signage as your restaurant’s virtual catalog that provides customers with quick access to your available offers. Also, you can use our interactive displays to deliver social recommendations, provide news and informational services on in-demand products, advertising promotional products and services and so much more. Digital signage can help you increase brand awareness by up to 48%, boost the average purchase amount by up to 29%, while also improving overall customer experience and brand loyalty. 


Digital signage technologies can help to boost your restaurant’s brand awareness by nearly 50%. It offers the opportunity to tell your unique brand story in your brand’s exclusive tone of voice. With digital signage, you can build more solid relationships with other relevant organizations in the food industry, while making effective brand communications. Also, as part of your branding efforts, digital signage technologies can drastically influence customer behavior through the unique eye-catching content that’ll catch the attention of your visitors and convert them into loyal customers. 

Drive Sales 

Earning additional revenue is part of the main reasons why you would want to make any upgrades to your restaurant’s marketing strategy. Thankfully, digital signage technologies can help you achieve this by improving how you connect with your customers, while also helping you to drive sales in the process. For instance, digital signage easily improves your marketing strategy by directly providing customers with any additional information they need in order to make a purchase. This is very effective, especially considering that up to 18.2% of visitors make unplanned dining decisions and, 1 out of 5 customers try out a new delicacy due to a digital signage advertorial or marketing effort. As a result, digital signage is an efficient and effective means to advertise and drive revenue for your restaurant business. 

Digital Signage
$35 / month$300 one time setup
  • Amazon Sign Player

  • Preconfigured Plug n Play

  • Works Offline

  • Portrait & Landscape

  • Content Scheduling

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