3 Tips on How to Improve ROI of Facebook Ads For Restaurants

How To Make The Most Of Facebook Ads For Restaurants

Social media is a part of our everyday lives. And a good ad can be a game-changer. In this article, we’ll give you a few tips on how to make the most of Facebook Ads for restaurants.

The digital landscape of the restaurant market feels very saturated. By now, pretty much all restaurants you are competing with not only have their own website, but they are also present on social media and offer online ordering — haven’t caught up to that, yet? Talk to us and we’ll help you out!

You can stand out by having an amazing custom-built restaurant website, you can respond to all customer reviews and engage with clients, you can keep everything updated and offer all the convenience in the world… but sometimes it just doesn’t feel like it is enough. After all, it is normal to hit a plateau in your marketing strategy.

Marketing strategies are built for a certain phase of growth, and if everything goes according to plan, your restaurant will outgrow it. The “trick” is to plan ahead and be ready for when that happens.

Why Use Facebook Ads For Restaurants?

One of the best ways to push your way into the next level is to put some money behind your social media presence. Depending on your market segment, we recommend both Instagram Ads and Facebook Ads for Restaurants. Facebook Ads tend to be a bit more flexible and encompass a bigger market.

Back in 2013 InMoment research (previously Empathica) showed that 72% of customers used Facebook to make restaurant or retail decisions. As the use of Social Media becomes more and more prevalent, it is safe to assume that this number has only increased.

With that in mind, we are going to give you a few tips on how to make the most of Facebook Ads for Restaurants.

1 – Create Ads Around Time-Sensitive Content

As a rule of thumb, time-sensitive content is a great starting point for an ad.

The appeal of the word “new”, is something that has been studied throughout history, and proven time and time again. So if you have something new to promote, it is a great candidate to turn it into one or several Facebook Ads for restaurants.

As a restaurant, you can also promote seasonal products, seasonal promotions or specials, or something as simple as an updated menu.

The time-sensitive nature of the ad will drive conversions, either through novelty (a new location, a new menu item, etc.) or through scarcity (seasonal products will only be in season for a set amount of time, your restaurant is only offering that BOGO promo for a week, etc.).

2 – Target Your Facebook Ads Geographically

3 Tips on How to Improve ROI of Facebook Ads For Restaurants - Target Your Ads Locally

With people traveling less and less while looking for as much convenience as possible, it is vital that you target your Facebook Ads for restaurants geographically.

There is nothing more frustrating than an amazing ad that does not apply or is not relevant to the people seeing it. Not only is it frustrating for the user, that could perhaps be interested in the content of the ad, only to see that it’s of no good use to them, but it is also frustrating for you because it is wasted money!

Not targeting locally, or being really lenient on the targeting may work for different campaigns for not for Facebook Ads for restaurants right now.

For example, if you are promoting an online ordering focused special, target your ad to the area in which you offer delivery. If you’re promoting a dine-in or takeout special, or a menu update, adapt the target location depending on the results that you’re getting.

3 – Remarket Facebook Ads for Restaurants Based on Your Website Traffic

People who visit your website are more likely to do business with you. It just makes sense. If someone finds your website, they are already more aware of its existence than other people. And if someone specifically looked for your restaurant, there is already some level of curiosity or interest.

Facebook allows you to target your ads’ audience to people who visited your website previously or took specific actions using Facebook Pixel. In order to do this, you’ll need to have Facebook Pixel available on your website. It basically logs people who visit it, giving you more data to optimize your ads’ performance.

If this isn’t available for you right now, you can also target based on other actions. They can be things like prior customers who visited your restaurant, or Facebook users who interacted with your post, among other things.

This is Hard. Get Some Help!

If all of this feels complicated, you can always resort to one of our experts! Schedule your free 30-minute demo and find out more about what Webdiner can do for your business.


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