THINK Breakfast Club South Florida Style

We’re totally pumped about an article featuring our very own Matt Harper, a Principal Partner at WebDiner.

The piece was just published in THINK magazine’s August edition and feature’s five of South Florida’s young entrepreneurs. I recently caught up with Matt to discuss his thoughts on being featured in an article about young, entrepreneurial movers and shakers.

Matt Harper

Pamela: How were you selected?

Matt: THINK magazine wanted to showcase young, local entrepreneurs whose business has had a positive impact on the community. The challenges we face versus older executives, and what advantages we bring to the table (understanding digital marketing, social media, etc.)? I believe WebDiner’s work to create a powerful digital marketing presence for local restaurant’s is having a positive influence on the Fort Lauderdale community. We have clients across the U.S., and our vision is to be an international company.

Pamela: Why did you decide to do it?

Matt: We know our work has a tremendous impact on the clients we serve, and we want to get the word out about WebDiner.

Pamela: What’s one important takeaway you have?

Matt: Although my world revolves around technology, print is still very much alive! Be careful what you ask for…I underestimated the reach of the article and how much interest it would generate. The article has only been out a week, and we’re already receiving requests to speak at local functions.

Photos courtesy of THINK magazine.


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