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Marina 84 Sports a New Restaurant Web Design

Restaurant web design
We just wrapped up the web design of the Marina 84 Sports Bar & Grill, and we think we hit it out of the park!

The best restaurant websites are the ones that give you a taste of the atmosphere, food, and service you’ll experience when you visit. Marina 84 is building their brand as a fun sports bar with delicious pub style food and toast worthy craft brews. We featured their big juicy burger, fun party atmosphere, and appealing servers on the home page to give potential patrons an idea of what they’ll experience when they step through the doors.


Events are on the Calendar

We’re constantly working to meet our customer’s needs and exceed their expectations. When our clients told us that most off-the-shelf web event calendars don’t meet the specific needs of restaurants we designed and built a custom, easy to use solution!

Restaurant Event Calendar

  • Create recurring events
  • Edit a single recurring event
  • Events are pushed to Facebook page
  • Events display beautifully in social media

All managed through our easy to use WebDiner dashboard!

You just can’t get these results with restaurant website templates. Give us a shout out to find out how WebDiner can help you create a virtual front-of-the-house for your restaurant!

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