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Surprise! You Don’t Use Print Marketing Enough

Print Marketing for Restaurants

It’s the 21st century, and we are firmly planted in the digital age. Businesses across multiple industries harness the power of the internet, email and social media to reach a select, segmented group of prospects who fit the profile for the ideal target demographic. Your restaurant may be employing some of these successful marketing tactics to reach more customers in your local market and increase your sales volume, but have you given any thought to your print marketing strategies? 

At first blush, it may seem as though digital marketing is where it’s at these days. Although it is vital that you construct a solid digital marketing strategy for your restaurant, traditional print marketing is still a lot more valuable and important than you may think. Here are some ways you’re incorporating print media into your marketing strategy without even thinking about it!


It’s a brave new world, but we’re guessing your menus are still made of paper. If you gave any thought to the fonts, graphics, or headings on your menus while you were creating them, then congratulations- you used print media to market your restaurant! The graphics and type settings you choose for your menu can speak volumes about your dining establishment- be sure to select images and text that fit your brand and convey the right message about the experience you offer your guests.

Takeout Items

If your restaurant lets customers place to-go orders, the paper and plastic supplies you use to pack the takeout food is a form of print marketing. If your restaurant’s name and logo appear on the bags, paper plates, cups, napkins, or other items you use for to-go orders, it’s sending a message about your brand to your customers, not to mention advertising your business to potential customers in your local market. 

Posters and Flyers

Does your fast-casual restaurant display seasonal specials, limited time offers, and other promotions on posters in your dining area? Is your takeout and delivery restaurant known to send postcards by mail to local customers to drum up new business? Print still matters, even in the age of touchscreens and social media. It’s essential to have nicely printed materials featuring on-brand graphics that denote your restaurant’s unique style.

Need help with your restaurant’s printed materials? WebDiner excels at giving you the total package when it comes to marketing your dining or entertainment establishment. We deliver professional-quality printed materials with your brand’s logo, as well as other eye-catching custom graphics by your own dedicated team of award-winning designers. Stand out against your local competition with custom graphic design by WebDiner. Call now to schedule a live demo.

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