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A Restaurant Website Builds a Brand that Attracts New Patrons

Wikipedia defines a brand as “the “name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s product distinct from those of other sellers.” In the restaurant business, your...

by admin October 6, 2014
Restaurant Web Design Modern
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3 Must Haves of Modern Restaurant Web Design

The “internet of things” has changed almost every aspect of our lives, and how we market our business is no exception. If a restaurant doesn’t have a well-designed website, it...

by admin September 26, 2014
Nocciola Restaurant Website
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Nocciola’s New Restaurant Website Has Relaxed Rustic Vibe

We’re stoked to announce the launch of Nocciola’s new website! Small Plates with Big Italian Flavor in East Harlem! Nocciola is a new Italian restaurant in East Harlem, NY that...

by admin September 18, 2014
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3 Critical Benefits to a Restaurant Website Subscription Service

Our clients often ask us why they should sign up for WebDiner’s monthly service plan, rather than just hire someone to build a site for a one-time fee. As a...

by admin September 17, 2014
Restaurant web design
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Marina 84 Sports a New Restaurant Web Design

The best restaurant websites are the ones that give you a taste of the atmosphere, food, and service you’ll experience when you visit. Marina 84 is building their brand as...

by admin September 9, 2014
Restaurant Web Designer
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Two Tasty Restaurant Website Designs by WebDiner

WebDiner had the pleasure of working with our clients We Cook Pizza and Pasta and Temple Street Eatery to create and launch their new restaurant web designs. We launched them...

by admin August 28, 2014
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Why Every Restaurant Must Have a Website

We’re constantly surprised by how hard it is to convince some restaurateurs that they must have a website! The internet isn’t just a passing fancy; it’s definitely here to stay....

by admin August 26, 2014
Restaurant Menu Design
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Top 3 Menu Trends Right Now

I recently read an article on NRN (Nation’s Restaurant News) of Chef predictions for the top menu trends of 2014. As I scanned the list, it occurred to me that...

by admin August 22, 2014
Restaurant Waste
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3 Ways a Restaurant can Decrease Waste and Increase the Bottom Line

I like to believe that we’re all looking for ways to reduce our impact on our planet. So today I thought we’d explore ways that restaurants can reduce their effect...

by admin August 13, 2014